Jeff Bezos Thinks We Should Build Factories In Space

Says we should move industry to orbit in the next few hundred years
Jeff Bezos
Wikimedia Commons

The best way to make room for a growing population is to move manufacturing and industry into orbit, according to Amazon and Blue Origin CEO Jeff Bezos.

At the Code Conference this week, Bezos discussed how building manufacturing in space could cut costs and leave Earth for the Earthlings. Makes sense: floating factories wouldn’t pollute Earth’s air and water, could draw ample fuel from solar arrays, which are more efficient in space, and could even clear up large tracts of land to be re-zoned for people to live.

Then again there’s the whole problem of transporting resources to space in order to manufacture them… but if anyone can get the costs of shipping down, I’m sure it’s Jeff Bezos, who not only handles a lot of deliveries here on Earth but also builds rockets.

[Via CNBC]