The Weirdest Calculators On The Internet

How many Legos does it take to build a house?

You’ve probably turned to Google’s search box on many occasions, be it for solving a simple math problem, finding out the current exchange rate between the dollar and the euro, or calculating how many calories there are in an egg (FYI, a 50-gram boiled egg has 78 calories). But have you ever thought about how many cups of coffee you can drink before the caffeine in your body becomes fatal? There’s a calculator for that.

The folks at io9 have curated a list of bizarre calculators out on the internet that quantify some seriously weird stuff.

Here are some of the unique calculators we’ve tried out.

  • Building your home from Legos:

As a Lego enthusiast since childhood, I’ve always imagined building a real house out of truckloads of Legos, as I’m sure many others have imagined and even _attempted_. To build a Lego house of 2,392 square feet—the average floor area in new single-family houses, according to the 2010 U.S. Census—with two stories, it would take 11,647,839 Legos, according to Motovo Blog (“The lighter side of real estate”). The cost amounts to a whopping $1,161,784, more than the median price ($865,000) for a condo in New York City.

  • Death by Caffeine:

Type in your favorite caffeinated beverage or food, your weight, and use this neat calculator to find out how much you can consume in a single day before pushing daisies. Apparently, it takes 57.14 cups of regular brewed coffee or 180.66 cans of Coca-Cola Classic to put me down.

Read the full list here and prepare to procrastinate.