Chickens Wear Prosthetic Dinosaur Tails, For Science

Simulating ancient gaits with barnyard fowl

The humble chicken is distantly related to the _T. rex. _This raises an important scientific question: How could we make chickens walk like they’re little dinosaurs? A new study provides the equally important answer! And also video!

Researchers from the Universidad de Chile wanted to study dinosaur strutting, but there being few dinosaurs available, stuck a prosthetic tail on the creatures’ fowl analog, raising them from birth to adapt for walking in a more dinosaur-like way. As you can see from this video, the chicken was successfully made to walk like a doofus.

“These results indicate a shift from the standard bird, knee-driven bipedal locomotion to a more hip-driven locomotion, typical of crocodilians (the only other extant archosaur group), mammals, and hypothetically, bipedal non-avian dinosaurs,” the researchers write in the study. So although we don’t quite have any dinosaurs to double check, the scientists are pretty sure this is a fair representation of how dinos strolled.

One step closer to a _Jurassic Park _petting zoo. Onward, science.

[PLOS ONE via io9]