tomato and ketchup
You won't be able to find Heinz 'Marz' ketchup in any grocery stores, unfortunately. pexels
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What is one of The Worst Things In The World? (In the listicle sense, not the human tragedy sense.) Answer: when you empty the first squirt of ketchup from the bottle and it’s a watery, brown, puddle-like mess, and you can feel each individual shard of your slowly shattering heart as the liquid dampens your fries.

Thankfully, a group of young heroes has a solution: a mushroom-shaped 3-D printed cap insert with an opening that lets water collect at the bottom of the bottle, while the nozzle squirts out only pure, thick ketchup. See the video for details. There was a solution all this time! We have been fools.

The inventors, students at Liberty North High School in Missouri, say they don’t plan to patent and market the invention right now. But I would implore them to do so; if not for themselves, for all of humanity.