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The University of Cambridge chef robot.
medicine cabinet with red wine, caviar
Orange Jelly Belly beans arranged in rows for molding at the factory in Fairfield, California
A burger with bacon, lettuce, and cheese on a white plate with two plastic containers of condiments and some French fries next to it.
Museum collections tag for Indigenous seeds from the University of Michigan
Mushroom, sandwich, sushi, ice cream, pasta, tomato and other illustrated foods with important texture
Grapes, cocktail, pie, and oil illustrated on a red background to show examples of weed edibles
Periwinkles in a saucepan next to a small plate of bread and a glass of cider from an invasives-species menu at Juniper Bar and Restaurant in Burlington, Vermont
A group of six people sitting at a table on a city rooftop, having a meal under cloudy skies and some decorative banners.
Sustainable diet of salad on a pink and purple background