When the weather warms up and the sun comes out, your home’s outdoor space becomes an instant focal point for relaxation and entertaining. No matter what size your yard, adequate shade from the sun is the key to enjoying yourself on a beautiful day. If you have a grilling and picnic area, a large open lawn, or even a small garden with paving stones, there’s a sun-blocking device out there that will match your decor, keep you and your company cool, and transform your space into a home.

Here’s some of the best backyard shade gear currently on the market.

Sturdy aluminum and a timeless style. Amazon

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This tilting patio umbrella from Sunnyglade is designed to perfectly fit any table with a center hole and offers nine feet of overhead coverage when fully open. The crank operation makes it easy and quick to furl and unfurl while setting up for entertaining or in the event of a sudden change in weather. The fabric is 100 percent polyester for easy cleaning and water resistance.

Quick setup. Amazon

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Stretch this 91-square-foot polyethylene shade over your exposed patio area for colorful and pleasing sun blockage that’ll keep you from burning while still letting ambient light through. The material won’t block water by design—that’s so you can pull it taut for maximum coverage without worrying about puddles forming on the upper side. Installation is a snap thanks to the included D-rings and hardware kit.

Blocks 98 percent of ultraviolet rays. Amazon

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Here’s a stylish option that provides a lot of coverage in a unique triangular pattern that’s great for gardens and outdoor spaces that are designed with intent. This sun shade has massive 12-foot edges and is designed to stretch between trees, buildings or posts, making it a good choice for hanging high above lawns and other large recreation spaces. It’s resistant to water pooling.

Keep guests cozy outdoors well into the night. Amazon

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This rotating umbrella is a fantastic choice for creating an outdoor space-within-a-space for congregating. At night, it’s lit underneath by LEDs along the ribs and at the center that are fully powered by the included solar panel at the top of the pole. It stands on the included base and swivels around the center pole a full 360 degrees using the foot pedal at the base, making this a flexible choice for outfitting an entire yard and making it party-ready.