A smart toilet can come in many forms, from the entire appliance to an attachable seat. Not only aesthetically pleasing—they make using the restroom more convenient, hygienic, and comfortable. While top-of-the-line toilets can be fairly pricey, we have tried to include a range of options and price points. You won’t be disappointed by the many features we have found and the major benefits of upgrading your commode. These toilets are intelligent, user-friendly, clean, and ready to wow. It’s time to bring the smart-home revolution into your bathroom and we have a couple of suggestions.

Top pick: Toto Neorest bathroom-hardware

Not All Are Created Equal

Turn your restroom into a spa. Amazon

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The Toto Neorest 700H is quite possibly the best smart toilet on the market, there isn’t a feature it doesn’t have. It boasts a heated seat, a SoftClose lid, a proximity sensor for touch-free, automated use, an illuminating night light, a Double Cyclone flushing system, and more. It is incredibly water-efficient saving up to 11.5 gallons of water a day, all while keeping you clean and comfortable. The bidet feature comes with customizable water pressure and temperature settings, and you can even turn on the warm-air dryer for post-clean comfort. All these features are easily accessible using a wall-mounted remote. In fact, accessibility is a key factor in the design of this toilet. The manageable height, elongated bowl, image-based controls, and hands-free use options are all designed to make using the restroom convenient for those with different needs without additional adaptation or specialization.

Runner-up: Kohler Veil Comfort Height One-Piece Elongated Intelligent toilet

A Royal Throne

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The Kohler Veil is an equally impressive smart toilet and slightly cheaper than the Neorest 700H. The Veil is a minimalist dream packed with impressive technology; it comes with a wall-mounted LCD panel that lets you control the seat temperature, water spray shape, water pressure, temperature, pulse, and oscillation. Choose between front and rear cleansing, then choose your air-dryer settings. This toilet also has a self-cleaning function, using UV light and electrolyzed water to sanitize the bowl and spray wand. Should you ever experience a power outage, this toilet is prepared with an emergency flush support button for up to 100 uses. This toilet is tankless, which contributes to its sleek appearance, but also means you will need a fairly significant amount of water pressure to keep it up and running. We suggest getting some help to install it, especially if this is your first smart toilet. Once everything is all set up, sit back, relax, and let the Kohler Veil work its magic.

Great value: Ove Decors Tuva Bidet Toilet

No Toilet Paper, No Problem

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The Tuva Tankless is another great option with a sleek design and the necessary features for your new smart toilet. Enjoy 8 water pressure levels and 4 temperature levels for the bidet and water spray alone, as well as a heated seat, automatic flush, and air dryer. Personalize all your preferred settings with a small remote that can be mounted on your bathroom wall. The jets on the Tuva Tankless work wonders, practically eliminating the need for toilet paper or wet wipes, which is not only great for your wallet but the environment as well. This toilet is energy efficient, saving roughly 20 percent more water than your average porcelain throne.

Best attachment: Bio Bidet BB-600

Smart Place To Sit

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The Bio Bidet is an attachable toilet seat with many of the full unit features at a significantly lower price point. It has front and rear warm water spray options that are designed to give you and your commode a customizable cleanse. Even though this is just a toilet attachment, you will still get a nice warm stream of water because the Bio Bidet has its own water reservoir. Rather than mount something on the wall, or risk losing a tiny remote, this seat comes with a convenient side panel that you can use to adjust the temperature, direction, and pressure. You can also use the panel to adjust the oscillation or choose the massage feature for an even more elevated experience.