If you’re looking for an attainable way to make your everyday life simpler and more convenient, search no further than smart light switches. With a range of features, these devices are relatively easy to use and install—and make an instant difference in your home. They integrate or are compatible with other smart devices or apps, and they allow you to better adjust your lighting to your lifestyle and preference. Here are some of the best options to add to your wall, which all require a neutral wire.


Sync this rocker switch with an app or smart home device for a streamlined experience. Multiple people can schedule calendar items, set timers, or update the settings. Kasa Smart

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Want to make sure your house is always well lit? Look for models that can be programmed according to sunrise and sunset—you’ll never arrive home to a dark home in the evenings or nights.


This option is easy to install. It’s made of aluminum and plastic, and can be controlled manually or via a smart assistant. EVA LOGIK

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Smart light switches are either binary—on/off—or have dimmer options, so look out for whichever best suits your needs. While understanding how the switch works can be tricky for newbies, most come with instructions to guide you through the process. Once it’s functioning properly, it will blend in with your traditional switches, despite its advanced capabilities.


Set this light switch for when you’re out of town to fend off any potential break-ins. You can also spontaneously turn it on and off while you’re away with your phone. TREATLIFE

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Many smart light switches come with associated apps that allow users to control one or multiple lights at once. Some even have the ability to group lights together, so you can dim the entire downstairs, upstairs, or even the whole house with a single command.