Best monitors for a second screen in your home office

If WFH is the future, you’ll want the proper gear.

two monitors on a desk
So you can see more.Saied Hosni via Unsplash

The idea is simple: extend your desktop across another screen. And yet, many working professionals are still craning over a laptop screen with seemingly a million tabs open, wondering if they’ll ever catch a break. A second screen doesn’t need to be equipped with all the most innovative tech features, but it should have a decent enough display and of a size that fits your space. Below are some of the best options to step up your daily computing.

Acer Zero Frame Monitor
This widescreen choice can suit your everyday or more advanced needs.Amazon

This ultra slim monitor could transform your daily work experience. The 21.5-inch, full HD screen is wide enough to keep multiple screens open and boasts a resolution of 1920 x 1080. It’s also a good option for gamers, thanks to its AMD technology that’s designed to reduce stuttering.

ViewSonic Frameless IPS Monitor
This well-built option can help tidy your desktop clutter.Amazon

You can easily swivel this monitor screen for peak comfort, and the 1080p resolution offers an undeniably crisp presentation. The frame-free design creates continuity with your other screens, which is an especially helpful feature if you’re video editing or gaming. If you’re using this monitor with a Mac computer, you should seek out a USB-C or HDMI cable.

LG IPS Monitor
You’ll never look back at one screen again.Amazon

For muli-taskers who want optimal resolution, this 29-inch monitor won’t disappoint. Say goodbye to screen tearing thanks to adaptive free sync technology, and you can even easily split your screen to customize the workplace and manage multiple lectures, spreadsheets, or game interfaces at one time. The HDR-like capabilities create a dynamic and accurate display, and it’s still pretty inexpensive.