These jump ropes offer an amazing cardio workout

Who needs a gym membership?

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Jumping rope is super fun for kids with energy to burn. With just a simple rope, some music, and an active imagination, kids can create elaborate games and dance routines that have endless variations. This deceptively challenging activity is also great for boxers, MMA fighters, and everyday athletes, and gets your heart rate up even if you just have a few minutes to exercise. Predictably, adults are more concerned with technique and results than making their rope slither like a snake. These four quality jump ropes for grown-ups will help you meet your goals.

Great for beginners: Benvo Weighted Ropeless Jump Rope

Great for beginners

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If you’re concerned about tripping but want to embrace the cardio benefits of jumping rope, this ropeless option is a fun tool to help you gain confidence. You’ll still swing your arms as you jump into the air, but instead of a rope connecting the handles, each one has a small ball attached to the end of a 12-inch cord to help you coordinate your movements. Each padded and grippy handle is 6.3 inches long and features a ball bearing to facilitate smooth spins.

Great value: Epitomie Fitness Sonic Boom M2 High Speed Jump Rope

Great value

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This affordable rope set is perfect for serious exercise enthusiasts who want to incorporate jumping into their routine. It comes with two polymer-coated stainless steel wires which can be adjusted in length and secured without screws. Work your way up to double-under jumps that match the speed capability of the rotating ball bearings on each handle. The silicone handles help you keep your grip even when you’re really sweaty, without the squishy feeling of memory foam. With your purchase, you’ll also enjoy free access to a 2.5-hour online jump rope course with tips and workout ideas.

Super-sleek: RXSG RapidFit Jump Rope



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Our tester practiced with this PVC-coated stainless steel wire rope and found that in just three minutes of jumping—not even continuously—his heart rate climbed more than 100 beats per minute. This attractive black and red or black and white model has two ball bearings in each handle for faster rotation, which might lead you to discover that you favor one hand or another as you spin the rope. The length is adjustable without cutting, and is appropriate for people between five and six feet in height.

Most inspiring: Crossrope Get Lean – Weighted Jump Rope Set

Most inspiring

A True Upgrade

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If you love the fitness community and throw yourself fully into the latest and greatest workout routines, this weighted jump rope set has got you covered. Log into an online community of more than 80,000 people and access workouts from the mobile app to help you stay inspired and on top of your game. This set comes with a rope that weighs ¼ pound, and one that weighs ½ pound, which can be clipped in and out of the handles quickly for easy switching within workouts. You can’t adjust the length of the rope, so be sure to select the correct size for your height range when ordering.