Do you avoid parts of your apartment because you can’t stream Netflix, play your Switch, or even get Chrome to load? Do you have parties, only to find the guests all huddled around your Wi-Fi router so they can post selfies without using their network? Don’t worry, you aren’t alone, but it’s probably time you consider a Wi-Fi range extender. You’ll suddenly find yourself working and playing in places you haven’t visited much. Wi-Fi extenders offer a wide array of features as well as range extension, and in some cases even increase the number of devices you can have taking on high-data tasks like streaming, gaming, and video messaging.

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If you absolutely have to get rid of 100 percent of the Wi-Fi dead spots in your apartment you’re going to want to get yourself a Nighthawk. Sure, some might say that the device’s 2,500-sq-ft range extension is overkill for most apartments, but what do those people know about your apartment and that stubborn brick wall that seems to block every ounce of Wi-Fi from getting to your bedroom? They probably don’t know about the Nighthawk’s ability to create one large mesh network that allows you to stay connected to the same SSID as you wander from room to room. Not only that, but its 4 Wi-Fi streams allow you to connect up to 50 devices while undertaking data-heavy tasks. Four 1-gigabyte ethernet ports mean you can plug in your gaming consoles and desktops for maximum internet speeds.

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This TP-Link offers a compact form that plugs straight into the nearest outlet, no wires required. Providing 2,000 square feet of extended Wi-Fi and the ability to connect up to 32 devices means it should pretty well cover your apartment and any reasonable number of guest cell phones you might have. A handy LED indicator helps you find the best area in your apartment to place the device for optimal range extension.

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Like its bigger brother, the Nighthawk, this Netgear extender provides a mesh network that ensures you stay on the same network while traversing your apartment. It also lives within the Netgear ecosystem, which revolves around an app that will not only help you find dead spots in your apartment but also allow you to control access to Wi-Fi in certain rooms. No more late-night tablet surfing for the kids. It provides coverage of up to 2300 feet and connections for up to 45 devices, while being significantly smaller than the Nighthawk. It has one ethernet port as an added bonus, just in case you need that direct connection.

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So this isn’t a Wi-Fi extension but yes, it does extend the range of your Wi-fi. Confused? Don’t be. Powerline technology uses the wiring in your home to channel Wi-Fi signals from one point to another. Rather than trying to send signals through stubborn walls, Powerline technology goes around them through your apartment’s wiring by using ports placed in outlets in various rooms. This TRENDnet Powerline allows you to clone your existing network’s settings with a press of a button, while also providing three gigabit ports for direct connections. This TRENDnet device promises a Wi-Fi extension of up to 984 feet over existing electrical lines.