Laptops are great for getting things done on the go, but sometimes you need to stretch out and settle into your work at home or in the office. Computer monitors offer the luxury and display size of a desktop computer without limiting you to a stationary workspace. Designers and film editors use monitors to zoom into the details of their projects and spread their ideas over multiple screens. Gamers use them to improve the quality of their graphics and gameplay. Anyone that spends a significant amount of time at a computer could benefit from a larger screen and extra space for windows. Monitors also make great stand-ins for televisions, as streaming a movie or show on your laptop is less than ideal. Here are some of our favorite computer monitors on the market today.

The safest screen to stare at for hours. Amazon

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This 27-inch BenQ monitor is a safe option for those with sensitive eyes. It automatically adjusts brightness for optimal viewing based on the surrounding light and has low blue light emission to minimize eye straining. It is a 1080p monitor with built-in speakers and wide 178-degree viewing angles. IPS (In-Plane Switching) technology helps it represent colors and details correctly from any angle. The BenQ connects via HDMI, VGI, and display port. It can also be mounted to the wall.

For the image quality obsessed. Amazon

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This 31.5-inch monitor has an incredibly high 2560×1440 resolution and IPS (In-Plane Switching) technology for wide angle viewing. It has a quick response time of 4ms for minimal lag between what you do on your laptop and what you see on your monitor. This also makes it a strong monitor for gamers and movie fans. It has a display port, an HDMI input, and a DVI input.

Speedy monitor for gamers. Amazon

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This is a 20-inch monitor with a 1080p LED display. It has two HDMI inputs and one VGA input. This Sceptre monitor has a 75Hz refresh rate and adaptive sync technology, which promotes gameplay without image lagging or stuttering. It also has high quality built-in speakers for enjoying music, game audio or video conferencing.

Giant display and vibrant colors. Amazon

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This 32-inch 1080p screen is curved for viewing at wide angles. It is a nice option for photo and film editors thanks to its Ultra Wide Color spectrum technology, which makes colors especially vivid and natural-looking. It has built-in speakers and a quick 5ms response time, making it gamer friendly as well. This monitor is kind to the eyes, with low blue light emission and tech that prevents it from flickering. It includes a display port, HDMI input, VGI input, audio in and out. This one is also wall mountable.