Subscription boxes for coffee lovers

Mix up your morning cup of joe.

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Every coffee lover knows you have to mix up your routine every now and again. It’s important to try new roasts, beans, and drink types so you can be a cultured coffee connoisseur. A great way to do just that is with a subscription box that will deliver coffee to your door on a schedule. It’ll feel like coffee Christmas every few weeks when you open your box and see all the fun things to try. Each package offers something different, so we have collected a few that stand out amongst the caffeine crowd. Get ready to make your neighborhood cafes jealous.

Best overall: Bean Box Coffee Sampler Subscription

Best overall

West Coast, Best Coast

This coffee sampler subscription series is a must for caffeine lovers that want to support local roasters. The folks at Bean Box choose four gourmet coffees from Seattle’s best small-batch roasters to fill up each box. Each sample is roughly 1.8 ounces and you can choose from decaf, light, espresso, medium, and “all” roasts if you know exactly what kind of coffee you are looking for. This box will be delivered every month and you can decide if you want a three, six, or 12-month subscription; each one will include a roaster profile, brewing tips, tasting notes, and an artisan treat.

Ethical choice: Driftway Coffee Subscription

Ethical choice

Personalize The Grind

Diving headfirst into a new roast every month can be frightening for long-time caffeine addicts, but the Driftway box lets you customize and control your kit. Your first box comes with a tasting kit that includes four, 8-ounce bags of whole beans each with a different flavor profile. Brew each one and then use your personalized account to rate each bag and create your taste profile. From then on, each month you will get an 11-ounce bag of coffee that matches said profile. You can continue to rate and review each new batch and order more of the ones you love.

Multi-interest option: My Coffee and Book Club Subscription Box

Multi-interest option

A Large Cup Of Literature

My Coffee and Book Club is the best way to get the most out of your favorite hobbies: reading and sipping on a hot cup of perfectly brewed java. With this subscription, you get a 12-ounce bag of whole bean or ground coffee along with two, acclaimed hardcover books from your selected genre. Choose from fiction, non-fiction, mystery, romance, horror, thriller, and science fiction (you can change your genre any time). This is a great way to get the most bang for your buck while you sink further into the aroma of your freshly made cup of coffee and crack open the pages of your new favorite novel.

Easiest to use: Un’kupped Pour Over Coffee

Easiest to use

Get Your Favorite Mug Ready

If you want something simple and straightforward the subscription series from Un’kupped is for you. Each box comes with 15 packaged pour-over coffees from roasters across the US and Europe. It’s worth knowing that the guys from Un’kupped are dedicated to finding coffee roasters who are doing things differently, whether that be sourcing from sustainable farms, promoting fair trade, or empower women in business. All you need to do for a perfect cup is open the box, tear the top off the unit, place it on top of your mug or cup, and pour water over the grounds and through the filter. You won’t need any extra equipment like a grinder, your own filters, or a dripper.