Towel warmers to help you conquer cold mornings

Go from hot shower to pants with minimal trembling.

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Life is packed with challenging in-between moments. Your kitchen is full of delicious cooking smells—but there are still fifteen minutes left on the timer. The new season of your favorite show drops on a streaming service at midnight—but you can’t watch until the following evening. A hot shower sounds like a wonderful way to warm up—but you’ll have to fight a chill while you step into your clothes.

We can’t solve all of your problems, but we do have a solution for that icy place in between bath and fully dressed: towel warmers. Here are three smart options to bridge the gap.

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You might be inspired to monogram your bathrobe and get fuzzy bunny slippers when you experience the sumptuous heating power (131-141 degrees) of this white, lacquered steel warmer. It can be mounted on the wall or stand on the floor of your bathroom—you’ll just need an outlet to plug it in. The built-in thermostat monitors temperature and an enclosed switch allows you to turn it off or on with wet hands.

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You’ll definitely want to mount this sleek and rust-resistant stainless steel design on your wall to add the glamour of a boutique hotel to your everyday ablutions. You’ll also find yourself using the 8-bar rack for more than just towels—try drying bathing suits or warming socks and blankets for extra snuggly nights. If your towels often get a mildew smell from lack of ventilation and strong humidity in your bathroom, drying them on the rack can help.

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If you shudder at the idea of just splashing some cold water on your face in the morning and heading out the door, you’ll love making this towel cabinet a part of your beauty routine. Place hand towels inside to keep them at 175 degrees, a wonderful temperature for opening up your pores, pushing back your cuticles, and prepping your skin for bump-free hair removal. Share one with roommates to turn your place into a salon—just don’t forget to clean after using to prevent bacteria buildup.