A good all-purpose cleaners can change your life. Wine spills on the coffee table? Oily stovetops? Studio desks with all sorts of leftover stains from paints? The multi-purpose cleaner rises to the occasion. You’ll still want a targeted cleaner for heavy-duty cleaning of things like glass or toilets, but a handy multi-surface solution can make housekeeping much much easier.

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This plant-based cleanser is super effective in cleaning spills, grease, oils, sugar, grime, dirt, and more. It’s safe for all surfaces you can clean with water, including countertops and bathrooms, hardwood floors, furniture, plastic, or porcelain. It’s also hypoallergenic, vegan, and biodegradable. One bottle is enough for 250 applications—and you’ll get a nice, light green tea and lime scent rather than an astringent bleach smell.

It works for glass and doesn’t leave a splatter. Amazon

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This cleaner comes with a relaxing scent blend of lavender, bergamot, sage, and chamomile. Don’t let its non-toxic descriptor fool you; it can handle your greasy tea kettle, stained ceramic sink, sticky fridge interior, or dried-out batter splatter.

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The Babyganics multi-surface spray is plant-based, powerful, and free of ammonia, bleach and other harmful compounds. It doesn’t require a rinse after you wipe off the kitchen counter. It’s safe for most hard and soft surfaces, and comes in a scent-free formula. This is what you pull out when a loved one is sick.