This article was originally published in the March/April 2016 issue of Popular Science, under the title “Hit List.”

Bevel Trimmer

Not much has changed in the electric-clipper space—your barber likely uses the same tools as the one before him. Bevel’s Trimmer looks and works like it’s from the future: a cool blue LED, reduced vibration, and a dial to adjust blade alignment. Timeless tool, meet modern age. $180

Axel Audio

We all have our favorite genres of music. Axel Audio’s line of headphones is tailored to your preferred style: Deep for the bass lover, Pure for the instrumentalist, and Core for the balanced pop enthusiasts. From $145

Nonda Zus Charger

Lots of smartphone chargers attach to a car’s cigarette lighter. But few offer a second USB charging port for passengers. Fewer still can help you find your car on a map via smartphone—this does both. Never go hunting for your car again. $34

SanDisk iXpand

Moving photos and videos off your phone to free up storage space is annoying. SanDisk makes it easy with the iXpand flash drive. Plug it into your iPhone and instantly store up to 128GB of data. Never delete one video to record another again. From $60

Moto 360 Sport

Smartwatches don’t have to be precious. Motorola’s 360 Sport is rugged enough to survive your workout — that’s because it’s also a fitness tracker. The silicone band, heart-rate sensor, and round display are fixed inside an enclosure that’s dust- and water-resistant. $299


Clear directions are crucial for bikers mid-ride. But who wants to hold a cellphone and look at the map app while peddling? Beeline is a compass-size handlebar attachment that knows where you’re going, and uses an e-ink screen to get you there. $69


Solar-powered? Waterproof? Collapsible? Check, check, and check. Luci’s portable light also has a loop hook for easy hanging anywhere. An extra $10 gets you color-changing abilities. Thomas Edison would be proud. $15


Hydro boosters for your feet. There’s nothing more to say—except that it works only on water. $6,000


For those who’ve wondered, “Why doesn’t anyone make a vertical turntable?” Gramovox does, and it’s the coolest vinyl player around. Once again, analog stands tall. $400


Ellum’s motion-sensing lights illuminate as you move past them and dim as you leave. The wood-grain lamp can be mounted to walls without having to drill a hole, which we’d say is a recipe for enlightenment. From $129