Most people have very simple requests when it comes to their bathroom business: as long as everything is clean and functioning, they’re good. But odds are—if you clicked on this—you are not one of those people. You don’t mind going a little above and beyond when nature calls.

For those looking for a toilet that is more than just a receptacle, we have you covered. Because you should never have to settle for a lesser option. A number two, if you will.

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If you thought the height of pampering was a cushioned toilet seat, get ready to have your mind blown. The Lotus ATS-800 Smart Bidet almost doesn’t qualify as a toilet—it’s more like a tiny spa droid that lives in your house. Made of bacteria-resistant material, it not only has a dryer, but also has three bidet functions: regular, light, and turbo wash. You can adjust the water and seat temperature via a convenient side-mounted panel. It’ll help cut down on toilet paper use as well!

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The Brondell is designed to be two things: hygienic and very, very comfortable. It features an elongated seat (with slow closing lid) which may pose issues if your bathroom has limited space, but does provide ample seating area for all body types. The Brondell has three levels of aerated wash spray (with width adjustment) that deliver a warm cleaning blast—but the main selling point here is the deodorizing and warming air dryer. Not only does it help combat bathroom odors, used in tandem with the bidet it also reduces paper usage and waste, making it environmentally friendly, too. Also, all the features can be controlled via a handy remote.

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This elegant, one-piece toilet is a great combination of minimal and sophisticated. Featuring a bidet that includes posterior and feminine washing options with adjustable water pressure, high-efficiency flushing that is both powerful and quiet), and a warm air dryer. Its seat is heated, and the warmth levels can be toggled between five different settings. The Woodbridge also boasts a handy nightlight feature that not only saves energy but also helps you avoid turning on bright, eye-searing lights in the middle of the night. A wall-mountable remote control takes care of it all.

Kohler K-3901 Numi

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Not to take anything away from the other toilets on this list, but despite their advanced functionality and creature comforts, they still don’t push the envelope when it comes to the traditional mental image of “a toilet.” For those looking to completely challenge every long-held belief of what a toilet is, we suggest the Kohler. A somewhat ominous black box hides a sophisticated toilet system with ease and comfort at the forefront. Featuring personalized settings, hands-free control (the seat is motion activated to open when it senses you), and even Bluetooth connectivity, the Kohler is a complete bathroom game changer.