The gift guide to send that parent who insists on buying you bad undies

Underwear you’ll over wear.
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Underwear for everyone. TomboyX

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For some reason, every year your mom, dad, aunt, grandma, whoever insists on getting you that six-pack of cheap white underwear that you end up using when the washer’s broken. You’re an adult … don’t they trust you to know how to take care of your own undercarriage? Maybe it’s just a thing family members feel like they have to do. After all, they’ll never let you forget how they used to change your diapers.

Just when you thought you could no longer take the barrage of bad undies, PopSci comes in with the list of higher-grade intimates that you’d actually want to get intimate with. Whether you’re working out five days a week, trying to save the earth, or just feel like being in your skivvies, our guide to briefs, bikinis, and boxers will have you putting underwear on your wishlist for years to come.


Negative Underwear Whipped High-Rise

Think about the softest piece of clothing you own. Now think softer and on your butt. Negative Underwear’s whipped cotton high-waisted undies are pure luxury for your most delicate parts. Made with ridiculously soft, stretchy, micro-modal fabric imported from Austria, they’re designed to perfectly wrap around any body type. Say goodbye to the rigid waistbands and inner-thigh chafing of yesteryear. And if high-waisted isn’t your thing, they have plenty of cuts and styles that incorporate their creamy fabric and comfy cotton (including bralettes) for pure body bliss.


Tommy John

This collection isn’t just called Second Skin because it’s good alliteration. Tommy John’s new underwear feels smooth and cool to the touch, with options made from spandex and non-pilling micro-modal fabric and some with cool cotton to keep away the much-feared “butt sweats.” The men’s collections feature Quick Draw flies for quick access when nature calls, a Contour Pouch to keep everyone comfy, and “stay-put” waistbands that never bunch, pinch, or roll. The female collection also features a “stay-put” option, along with seamless bands that are guaranteed to remain in place. Go in for single pairs, multi-packs, or for the adventurous type, a mystery pack that selects patterns for you at random. Get them in briefs or trunks.


Lululemon Namastay Put Thong II

Giving up isn’t in your workout vocabulary, and it’s not in the cards for these ultra-sleek under things either. While Lululemon’s “Namastay Put” Thong II boasts about its prowess in holding tight and remaining unseen during your everyday commute, that’s not their only area of expertise. Their power to power through activities like yoga to rock climbing has been tested and approved! Designed with soft sweat-wicking fabric, you never have to worry about bunching and discomfort again. The seamless nature also means you can forget about panty lines, whether you’re busting out those spandex leggings or wearing a New Year’s cocktail dress.

Under Armour Pure Stretch Hipster & Men’s Tech Boxer Jocks

You’re a workout fiend! From rowing to pilates to leg day, you don’t have time to worry about your undies—you just need them to do their job. Don’t worry, Under Armour has you covered. Literally. Their women’s pure stretch hipsters come in packs of 3, using lazer cut tech to prevent unsightly seams. Both men’s and women’s styles are designed with four-way-stretch construction, sweat-wicking material, and anti-odor tech to prevent the growth of stinky microbes. Further featuring an extensive variety of patterns and styles, it looks like Under Armour isn’t going to be leaving anyone with a soggy bottom during those post-holiday workouts.


Brook There Organic Cotton Bikin

Organic isn’t really your middle name, but it might as well be. Organic groceries, organic cosmetics, organic weed … the list goes on. So, why not switch over to organic undergarments? Look no further than Brook There. Smooth and comfy, all the cotton behind your most important layer is organic and milled, cut, and sewn in the US. The bikini, classic and timeless, features full coverage on your precious buns, ensuring no strange panty-lines or creases. Their cotton edges also have silky elastic bands that never pinch. Bonus: You don’t have to stop at underwear: Brook There offers a wide range of organic cotton bras and clothing that will have you quickly updating your wardrobe (for the planet).


See It

Companies are making bamboo toothbrushes and bamboo hair brushes, but bamboo underwear? Yes and yes. Throw out all preconceptions you have of this plant being rigid and tough. Stretchy and velvety, Boody’s products are created with 100 percent organic bamboo that’s grown with no pesticides or fertilizers. With flex waistbands and supple fabric, their briefs and boxers are seamless and comfortable for people of all shapes and sizes. Plus, their unbelievably sustainable process is designed to be kind to every part of the planet, paying fair wages to all workers, using natural dyes and minimal water that is then recycled, and calibrating computer knitting systems to assure no fabric is wasted. And yes, they’ve recently branched out to more basics, so you can make Boody a regular companion for your booty and your body.


FLUX Undies Hi-Waist Heavy to Light Absorbency

Didn’t think it was possible to own a pair of panties that does the work of four tampons? Think again! FLUX, a UK-born female-founded company has been striving tirelessly since 2017 to make sure every woman can feel protected, comfortable, and free even during Aunt Flow’s dreaded visit. Crafted with a three-layer fabric combo, FLUX products are sweat-wicking, moisture-absorbent, leak-preventing. Their high-waisted editions (made for light to heavy days) include an interior made from 50 percent modal and 50 percent organic cotton for comfort, sketch, and max dryness. The exterior, crafted with sustainable polyester, nylon, and lycra, will make you forget you’re wearing something made for period pain.


TomboyX 6-Inch Fly Boxer Brief

Say goodbye to the gender binary and hello to underwear for all. TomboyX makes products for humans, no matter your identity. Their most popular style, the 6’ Fly (though, it’s actually a faux fly), offers no-roll bands on both the waist and legs. Super silky and cool to the touch, its Oeko-tex certified fabric has been tested on people with shapes ranging from XS-4X, meaning they really are made to fit all. TomboyX also uses naturally based processes, like water-based printing methods and crustacean shell finishing that replaces chemicals. Offering a variety of bras, clothing, and swimwear, the brand allows everyone to engage in eco-consciousness and feel comfortable in their unmentionables.