Send Us Your Most Ambitious Spaceship Designs

A competition to send us to the stars

Submit your sketches, designs, renderings, and photos for a shot at your spaceship design being featured on
Submit your sketches, designs, renderings, and photos for a shot at your spaceship design being featured on McDonnell Douglas

We’re living in a new era of spaceflight. Private organizations have more opportunity to test and launch their ideas than ever before, thanks to Kickstarter, NASA’s constant call for ideas, and billionaire pet projects such as Breakthrough Starshot.

But we’re sure there are more ideas out there, and we want to see them. That’s why we’re asking to see your designs for a better spaceship. It could be tiny, like the KickSat, or larger than the capsules we use in space today. They can be manned or unmanned, for use within our solar system or bound for interstellar travel. Projects can be in their idea stage through being actively prototyped.

The International Space Station is cramped, smelly, and old. For the more luxurious accommodations that you deserve, you can become one of the first amateur astronauts to stay in an inflatable space habitat from Bigelow Aerospace. As early as 2018, the company will begin launching its 110-cubic-meter BA-330 modules into orbit to become space stations and hotels. Tickets are on sale now. Cost: $26-37 million, plus $25 million if you want exclusive access for two months. So worth it.

After the entry period concludes, we’ll be running some of our favorite ideas by both spaceflight experts and astronauts to see if they’re viable for space travel. We’ll feature the best designs on

The ideas must meet a certain threshold of seriousness, relying on technology that is available today or seen as feasible in the next decade. That could include technology still in its infancy that needs to be considerably scaled to be viable. Entries must also include at least one rendering or drawing of the proposed vessel.

Hubble Bubble

Could your design explore the stars like this?

Submissions will be accepted until noon Eastern on Friday, May 13 (which should not bode poorly for the designs). Please send all submissions to

Note: Popular Science is obviously not a patent office, and this competition validates no intellectual property. By submitting any work you acknowledge that it is available for publication.