Sequencing individual genomes may lead to medical breakthroughs such as specifically tailored medications. iStockphoto

No doubt you have it on your calendars, but in case you forgot, the 25th is National DNA Day. Can’t think how to celebrate it? Well, if you have $68,000 or more lying around, you can bid for a chance to have your entire personal genome sequenced by Knome, a company that does such things.

The proceeds from the ten-day auction will benefit the X-Prize Foundation, whose mission is to “bring about radical breakthroughs for humanity.” They’ve put up a prize of $10 million to anyone who can sequence 100 human genomes in 10 days or less. Considering that the first sequencing of the human genome, back in 2001, took an entire year, this will prove to be a remarkable feat.

According to Dr. Peter H. Diamandis, chairman and CEO of the X-Prize Foundation, “The ability to fully sequence human genomes and use that personal genetic information to predict disease susceptibility and guide proactive care has the power to transform our entire healthcare system. It is that quantum jump in speed and reduction of cost that make this X-Prize so important in accelerating the dawn of personalized medicine,” says Diamandis.

Oh, one more thing… your personal genome will be delivered to you in a silver box containing a brushed steel USB flash drive. Happy bidding!