A Monkey-Bird Mashup And Other Amazing Images From This Week

Plus glitches as art, a pristine frozen lake, and more

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Afternoon Noir

Spanish artist Nacho Ormaechea takes portraits of people, then digitally replaces their silhouettes with images from other scenes. The results are surreal but not jarring. What secret is this man in the trenchcoat hiding?

The Gulf Stream

NASA’s Suomi NPP satellite caught this infrared photo of the Gulf Stream, where waters can reach 86 degrees Fahrenheit. Earth is quite the painter.


Reddit user gyyp posted a series of Photoshop collages merging different animals. We’re particularly fond of this one, the Proboscird: half proboscis monkey, half bird. The nose is incredibly aerodynamic.

Phosphorus Mining

Photographer J. Henry Fair documents the pollution that comes from mining for phosphorus, an ingredient in fertilizer. The resulting photos are abstract, like this one, showing an impoundment pond in one of Florida’s phosphate mining areas. Check out more over at Discover.


GlitchÃ(C) is an iPhone app that beautifully distorts your photos by running them through common computer glitches. Because technology is too good now and we need to walk it back a step.

Giraffe’s Neck

This is what a giraffe neck looks like. Sauropod Vertebra Picture of the Week posts stuff like this every week (niche interests!). We’ll wait here while you scroll down.

Lake Baikal

Every March, the pristine, frozen water of Lake Baikal in Siberia breaks up, leaving chunks of beautiful turquoise ice above the surface, like God just shattered a drinking glass. Lovely.

Pretty Crematorium

“What a cool building!” you likely are saying. “What could it be for? Perhaps some kind of art museum?” Noooooope. It’s a crematorium! But the proposed design from Asymptote Architecture would also function as an auditorium, which is an unlikely pairing! But crematorium/anything is a little unlikely, I suppose.

Beautiful Bioresearch

Speaking of unexpectedly beautiful buildings, the Mirae Medical Centre in Seoul was completed in February, and it’s the opposite of the stereotypically sterile spaces you might associate with research institutions.

Photo Of The Year

We’d be remissed not to include this photo from freelance photographer Javier Manzano, showing two rebel soldiers in Syria. It took home the Pulitzer Prize for feature photography, and it’s well-deserved.