We recently came across a goldmine of retro covers from issues of Yugoslavian science magazine Galaksija. We grabbed the best from Flickr user Yugodrom, who’s compiled an excellent collection of the covers from the seventies and eighties. Our Croatian is a little rusty, so we could only guess (with some Google Translate help) what each issue covered.

See the gallery.

It’s like discovering a stack of old _National Geographic_s in your grandmother’s attic, if your grandmother was a Yugoslavian futurist. For more techy Balkan weirdness, check out Yugodrom’s blog.


Galaksija was published from 1972 to “the nineties of the twentieth century,” according to the Google-translated Croatian on YUGODROM’s Flickr page, where we found these fantastic images of retro Balkan science journalism.

“Alchemist Gold: Futile Dream”

Say what you will, this man is making some epic science right here.

“Flying Saucers: A Scientific Debate About the Phenomenon.”

This UFO clearly just ruined a very nice picnic.

“The Secret of Creative Thinking”

The secret is visualizing detailed CAD drawings in your head. This cover also features the headline “Rhapsody Does Not Know the Universe,” whatever that means.

“Brave New World of Biotechnology”

This is not the most accurate depiction of biotechnology, but it might be one of the coolest.

“Lost Planet”

They probably thought we’d have built this stuff by 2011.

“Video 83”

There’s only one word to describe all the electronics and hot colors on this cover: rad.

“What Orwell Predicted”

“Genetic Engineering: ‘Games’ With Nature”

A controversial issue made even more controversial by an eerie image. Nightmarish omelets come to mind.

“The New Series Hi-Fi: All of the Amplifiers”

Galaksija wasn’t just about bold, futuristic space travel and cutting edge science. They also had fun stereo parties.


“Unknown Tesla”

Although most of his work was done in the United States, everyone’s favorite mad scientist Nikola Tesla was born in present-day Croatia to Serbian parents. So naturally he’d get a badass cover on Galaksija.

“Speculation: Hidden Universes”