When it comes to giving Mother’s Day gifts, it’s the thought that counts—at least, that’s what many moms would say to try and make you feel better. But this year, put a big-old smile on her face and skip the flowers. (Or do both, depending on the size of your wallet, and how much you tortured her as a teenager.) The first rule of gift-giving: The best gift ideas for moms are the things she probably wouldn’t buy for herself. If you’re wondering what to get for Mother’s Day, check out this list of fun Mother’s Day gifts and surprise Mom with the best gifts for her.

Expert gift ideas for moms this Mother’s Day

When is Mother’s Day this year? Mother’s Day 2021 falls on May 9th, so start brainstorming ideas before it’s too late! Luckily, you’re in the right place. Our job is basically to shop all day, every day, and then give you ideas about what to buy. In other words, just trust us. We have scoured the internet to find some of the silliest, best, and most fun gifts for the women who made us. We’re certain that one of these fun Mother’s Day gifts will make your mom smile, too.

Fun Mother’s Day gifts for moms who love “Dateline”: Keith Morrison Mug

Inside Joke

This illustration is printed on both sides of the mug, so superfans can show it off from every angle. SuchMugs US

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The true-crime lover in your life will geek out over this homage to slightly creepy, but honey-voiced “Dateline” correspondent Keith Morrison. The ceramic mug‘s design is both dishwasher- and microwave-safe, making it a Mother’s Day gift that will last for years to come. 

Fun gifts for moms who like photography: Fujifilm INSTAX Hybrid Mini Digital/Instant Camera

Trendy Memory Maker

Record audio along with your images—the camera prints a QR code that, when scanned with a smartphone, lets users play the sound. Fujifilm

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This instant camera has a retro feel with a modern twist. Moms don’t have to worry about whether they’ve captured a photo of loved ones or accidentally gotten a full shot of the tree next to them—the Fujifilm INSTAX Hybrid Mini LiPlay Instant Camera features a digital preview screen so Mom can line up the perfect shot. She can then preview and edit the image before printing. 

Mother’s Day gifts for women who hate bugs and/or love guns: Bug-a-Salt Fly Rifle

Fly Swatter of the Future

This odd—but wildly popular—fly-killer shoots high-velocity puffs of table salt that kills or stuns small bugs in one shot. BUG-A-SALT

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Swatting flies is gross and requires a strong stomach for clean-up. Shooting flies with this fake rifle is surprisingly fun and weirdly satisfying. Made of extremely lightweight plastic, it’s easy to wield. 

Great gift for moms of young children: Apple AirPods Pro

I Can’t Hear You

The noise cancellation feature on these earbuds dulls low-level droning such as fans, airplane engines, and chatter. Enjoy the silence and your favorite podcast.

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The Apple AirPods Pro are a lifesaver for moms who need to tune things out for a bit. It’s sweat- and water-resistant, and its silicone tips come in three sizes for a customizable fit. The charging case delivers over 24 hours of battery life, so moms will never need to worry about their AirPods dying in the middle of a conference call or grocery run.

Best Mother’s Day gifts for women who love to eat: Giant VIP Gourmet Snacks Gift Basket

Stacks of Snacks

This nearly 2-feet-tall basket is packed with meat snacks, crackers, chocolates, and more. Wine Country Gift Baskets

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Talk about fun Mother’s Day gifts: How about one that she can enjoy every day for a couple of months (and if she can’t finish all the food, maybe she’ll send it back your way)! This snack basket has Ghiradelli chocolates and caramels, a handful of cookie options, gourmet crackers, and condiments, plus savory snacks like jerky and salami. If your mom is a snacker, she’ll adore it. (For plant-based snackers, try this deluxe vegan 40-piece snack basket.)

Fun gift idea for moms who rock: Soundcore Flare 2 Waterproof Speaker with Bass Boost

Party Tunes

This speaker has a 12-hour playtime and powerful, bass-driven audio for moms who like to shake it on TikTok (or just in the house).

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The Anker Soundcore Flare 2 is an ideal Mother’s Day gift for moms who love music—its 20-watt power delivers solid sound, and it can be synced across other Flare 2s for even stronger audio. Its 24 LED lights give Mom six lighting mode options to help set the mood. It’s waterproof, making it safe to bring to any barbecue or camping trip.

Mom gifts for women with potty mouths: FUNATIC Inappropriate Socks

H*ll Yeah

These socks come in over 30 naughty designs.

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Cheeky moms can embrace their sense of humor—while hiding it from little ones and coworkers—with these fun socks. They’re prewashed, durable, and offer a universal fit for all genders (so you can even steal them on occasion).

Fun Mother’s Day gift for moms who watch too much Netflix: CASOFU Burrito Throw Blanket

Mmm, Cozy

This burrito blanket is a longtime Amazon best-seller for a reason: It’s funny, soft, warm, and looks pretty tasty.

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Flour tortillas go with anything, including cozying on the couch to binge-watch true-crime shows. This fleecy throw comes in four sizes and three styles: burrito, pizza, and waffle.

Fun gifts for moms with a weird sense of humor: Luna Bean Keepsake Hands Casting Kit

Creepy, but Sweet

The rubbery mold can capture every fine line—and even fingerprints—of your family members’ hands.
Luna Bean

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If disembodied limbs and scary doll heads are decorations that your mom leaves up way past Halloween, we think she’ll adore this scary, but sentimental kit as a Mother’s Day gift. The instructions are fairly straightforward and so are the ingredients included: molding powder, a casting stone, and a casting bucket.

Great gift idea for moms who need to chill: Coleman SaluSpa Inflatable Hot Tub

Hop On In

This easy-to-use inflatable jacuzzi makes customizing water temperature and jet pressure simple.

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Bring the resort home to Mom with this inflatable hot tub from Coleman. Its durable design means she can bring it anywhere from the backyard to a family reunion. No extra tools needed—Mom can just plug it into an electrical outlet and inflate whenever she’s itching for a relaxing evening, solo or shared with up to five other people.

Let the hunt for fun Mother’s Day gifts begin

Finding fun gift ideas for moms doesn’t have to be a scavenger hunt. You can narrow down the search by focusing on mom gifts that match her personality or represent an inside joke. And don’t forget to have fun during your search—if you get a gift that makes Mom laugh in the middle of the day or lets her bliss out over the weekend, you won’t need to worry about whether she really meant it when she said she loved it. 

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