14 gifts you can put in your mouth

Some unwrapping and assembling may be required. We're not animals.

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Everybody loves an edible gift. But why stop there? Why make it that easy? If you or your loved one likes science, tech, or DIY—and has the impulses, perhaps, of a very small child—read on.

Go-Pro Mouth Mount

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A decent Go-Pro mouth mount is key for easily shooting video while doing adventure sports—particularly those that don’t involve much in the way of garb, like surfing or wakeboarding.

DIY powdered booze

Powdered alcohol, which you can make yourself with maltodextrin and a high-proof spirit, turns water into booze, which, honestly, seems very appropriate for Jesus’s b-day. Bonus: since it’s not in liquid form, all of this alcohol is TSA compliant.

pickled ramp bulbs

If you’re going the cheese and crackers route, consider making a few jars of quick pickles—instructions, this way.. A jar of pickled ramp bulbs (pictured) or beets makes a basic spread feel quite fancy.

Floss? Floss.

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Yes, tools for dental hygiene make an unorthodox gift, but one Pop Sci editor evangelizes this stuff. “Dr. Tongue: it changed me,” she says. Here’s the deal: the floss expands when it’s between your teeth, so it removes up to 55 percent more plaque “than some of the most popular flosses,” or so the marketing copy claims. Plus it’s waxed with vegetable and bee waxes rather than the petrochemical stuff. Oh, and the package is biodegradable, too.

Planet Lollipops

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These suckers may look like the planets (and star) of our solar system, but they taste like key lime, tropical punch, blackberry, guava, and marshmallow. They’re great stocking stuffers.

Homemade Gin Kit

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This slick-looking gin-making kit holds the power to transform cheap vodka into herb-y gin in a day and a half. It’s a science project! It’s a happy hour! It’s a reason to keep repeating the word “botanicals” like you’re an old-timey apothecary!


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These miracle berry tablets recreate the effect of Synsepalum dulcificum, a little red fruit whose pulp makes sour foods taste sweet. Wrap it with a few lemons, balsamic vinegar, and cream cheese.

Original Cherry Pop Rocks

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The beloved stocking haul of your childhood is back. Pop Rocks Inc. is selling its crackling namesake (made that way with 600 pounds per square inch of carbon dioxide gas introduced in the candy’s syrupy stage) in the original cherry flavor, with packaging looking just as it was in the 1970s.

Mini Mushroom Farm

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For the city slicker with the impeccable herb garden, grab this super contained mushroom farm. All the giftee has to do is spritz the soil substrate for 10 days and—presto change-o—oyster mushrooms for risotto, ragout, and a mean goat cheese frittata.

A Wacky, Buildable Drinking Straw

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There is nothing not fun about making your Diet Coke travel a great distance before it lands in your mouth.

laser-sighted blowgun

Another DIY gift: a dart gun powered by your lungs. The project costs just $3 and includes a laser to help you aim. For adults only, please..

Make-Your-Own Hot Sauce Kit

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If you’ve got a friend that loves spicy food—a trait that may very well be hard-coded into their personality—consider this hot-sauce-making kit. It comes with chipotle, arbol, and guajillo peppers—enough to make six separate sauces.

Tooth-conducting Phonograph

Give the gift of listening to records with your teeth. The full how-to is right this way.

Light-saber Chopsticks

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These light-saber chopsticks need no explanation. Just look at them.