Gifts for your friend who needs to chill out

Life can be pretty overwhelming. Do what you can to make your friends feel comforted.

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You know the type. They work 60 hours a week, have half a dozen side-hustles, and never, ever cancel plans. You love their natural ambition, but also are aware that sometimes they need a little encouragement to unwind, something that’s especially crucial given our world’s recent tumultuous events. The gifts we showcase below appeal to all five senses, and will hopefully help your loved ones keep calm.

Philips Wake Up Light

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The blue light from our beloved devices can upset our circadian rhythms. The Philips Wake-Up Light changes color and brightness level to simulate a natural sunrise and sunset in your bedroom. It’ll help your restless friends ease in and out of sleep.

iHome Zenergy “Aroma” Bluetooth Speaker

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If Philips’ Wake Up Light is out-of-stock on Amazon, this newcomer from iHome is a great alternative. It multitasks as a diffuser, sound soother, light therapy powerhouse, and Bluetooth speaker. And unlike a straight diffuser, iHome’s Zenergy “Aroma” features a unique way to control the intensity of your desired aroma. You can place as few (or as many) drops of your favorite essential oils onto the included felt pad, and insert into the back of the machine (via a removable slot) for therapeutic bliss.

Marpac Dohm white noise machine

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A white noise smartphone app is no replacement for the real deal. No one wants to wake up every 90 minutes because Waves #2 on Spotify keeps repeating. Enter the Marpac Dohm. At first glance, this curious little machine doesn’t seem all that impressive, but under the hood, a two-speed asymmetrical fan generates the most soothing (and non-repeating) sounds you ever did hear. And as an added bonus: The pitch (and volume) are entirely adjustable, so your pals can drown out any unwanted noise from noisy neighbors (or a snoring partner).

Alaska Bear natural silk sleep mask

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Remind your friend that it’s OK to close those eyes and block it all out—whether that’s mid-day at the office or in the comfort of their own home. This sleep mask provides the perfect respite for stressed-out eyes and a weary mind. Made from pure silk to keep skin’s moisture in (and relax those face muscles), this sleep mask works to keep blood circulating to relieve insomnia and migraines. Holly Golightly would be honored to wear an eye mask as comfortable as this—and your friend will too.

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Homedics Ellia Reflect Oil Diffuser

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It's much easier to relax (or sleep) in a home that smells like lavender or peppermint than funky clothes in dire need of a wash. The Homedics Ellia Reflect Oil Diffuser uses a vibrating transducer to transform and disperse a water-and-oil mix into a cool, fragrant mist.

Leaders Clinic Aqua Ringer Sheet Mask

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This set of 10 sheets masks from Korean heavyweight Leaders Clinic brings the spa directly to your face. Stick them in the fridge for 20 minutes, pull that hair back, slip one on, and zone out for the next 20-30 minutes on the couch while bingeing Friends. The spa? Who needs it.

Petitfee Black Pearl and Gold Hydrogel Eye Patch

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Each eye patch is covered in little flecks of gold, which are supposed to brighten your dark circles. It's incredibly luxurious.

Snake plant.

Snake plants require minimal watering, can thrive on barely any light, and need such little TLC it's almost criminal. Basically, you can almost forget they exist. The Sill delivers these—and a number of hardy plant varietals—straight to their door.

Wynd Air Purifier

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This smart air purifier is completely portable. Perfect for making a clean air oasis in a stuffy office, the car (during a long commute), or your bedroom.

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