Maybe you’re a host with dreams of offering guests a Sunday bloody mary, or a bon vivant looking to save some cash, or the self-selected mixologist of your friend group. If you want a solid home bar set up, there are certain items that are nearly necessary—or at least nice to have.

Big batches: Viski Footed Glass Punch Heavy Base Bowl

Great For Parties

These are essential for a soirée. Amazon

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There’s a reason it was at your parents’ adults-only Christmas parties and school dances in the 1980s. The punch bowl reigns supreme. Make refreshing batch cocktails that’ll loosen up a crowd with minimal effort. A punch bowl or large beverage dispenser will make sure you get to hang out at the party, not just shake cocktails.

Smarter preparation: Perfect Drink Pro Smart Scale and App Kitchen Tool

Better Control

Does the thinking for you. Amazon

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The Perfect Drink PRO takes all of the guesswork out of making cocktails at home. It scale connects to your phone to tell you not just what ingredients to place into your drink, but also when you’ve added enough of a substance. There are more than 400 recipes in the app, and the scale comes with a 750ml stainless steel cocktail shaker.

Get creative: Handy Smoker PRO Cold Smoker

Add A Little Something Extra

Smoked maple old-fashioned, anyone? Amazon

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Try an indoor/outdoor smoker to infuse your food or drink with cold smoke flavor from woods, teas, or herbs. The handheld device has two smoking speeds, a removable burn chamber on top, and a 17.5-inch silicone air hose so you can snake it into any covered container.

Easy access: Cuisinart Electric Wine Opener

No Muscles Needed

Uncork with ease—even when you’ve had a few. Amazon

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When the wine flows, you may not have the time or coordination to open every bottle with a handheld corkscrew. That’s why it’s good to have an electric wine bottle opener on hand. This one is stainless steel and can open 50 bottles on a single charge. Even better: it’s super simple to operate. On the front of the device, find a single button that you can push up or down. Push it down to send the screw into the cork and removes the stopper from the bottle. Push the button again to eject the cork from the device.

Stylish: Kamenstein 4 Piece Set, Natural Acacia Wood and Cork Stackable Coasters

Keep Your Tabletops Covered

Will somebody please think of the furniture? Amazon

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People should have a good time while they’re at your house, but they should also respect your credenza. Grab a set or two of stackable coasters. I recently bought these 4-inch Kamenstein wood and cork coasters. They are eco-friendly, and the cork protects my tables from both heat and moisture. Plus there are felt feet on the bottom to prevent slipping. This set comes with four.

Ingredient holders: I-MART Stainless Steel Cocktail Picks Martini Picks Set

All About Presentation

Keep your olives, onions, and fruit stacks in line. Amazon

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If you don’t have the cash to justify a crystal carafe, you could always up your cocktail suaveness with some stainless steel cocktail picks for martini olives or elaborate bloody mary garnishes. These I-MART stainless steel cocktail picks are 4.25-inches long and come in a set of 15.

No spills: SE Stainless Steel Funnel for Flasks

Don’t Waste A Drop

A small but brilliant addition to your home bar. Amazon

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If you want to keep the good stuff from spilling everywhere (or stinking up your jacket pocket), grab a flask funnel. You don’t need anything fancy here. This stainless steel funnel is 2-inches tall and has a 1.5-inch mouth.