Home seltzer makers that’ll add sparkle to your life

Break up with bottles and cans.

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Give your tap water some zing. Sharon McCutcheon via Unsplash

America’s newfound love for seltzer has inspired think pieces and intense debates about brands and flavors. With a glass full of bubbly water in hand, staying hydrated feels less like a chore and more like we’re treating ourselves. These top seltzer making machines will help you customize your perfect amount of fizzy, save you money, and reduce purchases of plastic bottles and aluminum cans. Plus, the next time you host a dinner party, you can oh-so-elegantly ask your guests, “would you prefer sparkling or still?”

The best: SodaStream Fizzi One Touch Sparkling Water Maker Bundle

The best

The First Name To Look For

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Most seltzer makers require you to manually pump CO2 into your water. This SodaStream model is powered by electricity to carbonate a bottle of H2O at the press of a button. Insert a CO2 cylinder into the machine, grab a bottle of pre-chilled water from your fridge (colder water carbonates better), and choose your level of fizz. This bundle comes with 2 cylinders that each make approximately 60 liters or 250 8oz glasses of seltzer, depending on how intense you like your bubbles, plus 3 BPA-free 1-liter bottles, and lime and orange calorie-free drops to add flavor. Every time you open the bottle carbonation is gradually reduced, so if you like to sip your seltzer you might want to also pick up a few of SodaStream’s ½ liter size to avoid flatness. Be sure to exchange (rather than throw away) your empty cylinders.

No electronic components: Drinkmate Carbonated Beverage Maker

No electronic components

Basic Bubbles

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Sure, you probably aren’t going to want one of these just because you can use it to recarbonate flat beer. But unlike other carbonation machines, you can venture beyond water to add bubbles to cold tea, mixed drinks, beer, wine, and juice. You’ll get a 10-liter starter cylinder (a tank of CO2) with this purchase as well as a 1-liter carbonating bottle, but you’ll also want to buy a 60-liter cylinder to keep your seltzer supply flowing. Drinkmate makes its own cylinders, but this machine is also compatible with SodaStream 60-liter cylinders, which might be more convenient if you’re using a local store to exchange empty cylinders for full ones. There are no electrical components or batteries to worry about in this model. Just pump the fizz-infuser until you have the desired amount of sparkle for your tastes.

Best design: Aarke – Carbonator III Premium Carbonator/Sparkling & Seltzer Water Maker

Best design

For The Fancier Kitchens

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If your passion for cooking is enhanced by surrounding yourself with beautiful kitchen appliances, this carbonator will find itself right at home next to your espresso maker. There’s no pretense here: you’re paying top dollar for design. Instead of pushing down a plastic button, pull down on a metal lever up to three times to achieve desired carbonation. Aarke does not make CO2 cylinders, but the machine is compatible with SodaStream. The carbonator comes with a reusable BPA-free PET bottle, which the company says they have chosen instead of glass in order to keep their signature slim design.