Who needs a wine cellar when you’ve got a great wine fridge?

Here are our favorite mini fridges for your vintages.

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White wine is best served between 46 and 55 degrees Fahrenheit, whereas red wine is best between 62 and 68. Without a dedicated temperature controlled wine refrigerator, it’s difficult to know how hot or cold your wine actually is—never mind finding a solution for keeping two items at two different temperatures.

Sure, there’s inexpensive summer rosé or pinot grigio you might throw back with some ice or even seltzer, but what about those more subtle, complex bottles? You don’t want to drink an expensive vintage you’ve been saving for your anniversary at a temp that doesn’t do it justice. Nor do you want to regularly be drinking your casual evening cabernet too warm.

Here are some of our favorite wine refrigerators to help you get the best out of every bottle.

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Wine Enthusiast made this elegant, 18-bottle cooler with the serious wine drinker in mind. It has a digital touch screen to control the temperature of both zones of the fridge. The top ranges from 54 to 66 degrees while the bottom ranges from 46 to 66 degrees. The cooler is freestanding and runs silently. It also doesn’t use as much energy as the average refrigerator. It is designed for bordeaux-sized bottles, so you might have to store your magnums elsewhere.

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The Kalamera stainless steel freestanding fridge is a more heavy-duty option but still a reasonable size. It has a temperature memory function so that if the temperature changes because the door is left open or the fridge is unplugged, it brings your wines back to their happy place. This fridge also has two zones, with the whites on top (at 40 to 50 degrees) and the reds below (at 50 to 66 degrees). It has five elegant beechwood shelves with a digital display in the middle.

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This countertop wine cooler will fit snugly in a kitchen or home bar, providing space for eight bottles at a time. It is an effective wine cooler with consistent temperature and humidity control, but it is not a dual-zone cooler. The sleek digital display can set it to one temperature between 46 and 64 degrees Fahrenheit. The Ivation is a strong option for the wine drinker that knows what they like and doesn’t mind storing only wines that thrive at the same temperature.