13 genius items for your next big road trip

Gear for the long haul.

What to bring on a road trip
As Scar says in the seminal classic film The Lion King: be prepared.Juan Di Nella via Unsplash

Road trips so often are more fun to plan than they are to experience. Sleeping on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere always sounds kind of romantic until you have to do it. Eating Taco Bell and fruit snacks all the way through Tennessee sounds whimsical and fun until you're stuck with pieces of garbage for 100 miles.

But despite the sometimes unpleasant realities, going on a road trip is a very special, very memorable type of vacation. And they can be incredibly fun. With the right gear, it's possible to cut out the most annoying parts, leaving you with nothing but the good stuff: belting your way through the entire Hamilton soundtrack, stopping at quirky roadside attractions, and solidifying friendships for life.

Below, choice items that will help in an emergency, keep your car (somewhat) tidy, and provide little extra juice for your devices.

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