Until we all have access to Tony Stark-level body armor that runs constant diagnostic tests on your body and does everything it can to protect you from harm, we have to make do with the small innovations we do have. Like heated jackets.

From vests to full-on hoodies, there are actually more heated jacket options available than you might even realize, and if you live in parts of the world where sub-arctic temperatures are a frigid reality, you understand that sometimes you need to break out the heavy artillery against an over-enthusiastic Jack Frost. These will help you do it.

Valleywind Heated Vest

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Constructed of lightweight memory cotton and Lycra, this vest is lined with thermal carbon fiber that starts heating in 3-5 seconds once it’s powered on. Five heating pads ensure total coverage, and the vest itself is slim enough to avoid feeling bulky or constricting. It comes with a USB charger, and you can adjust three separate heating levels depending on how long you press the button located above the left breast. The longer you hold it down, the hotter it gets (it tops out at about 158 degrees Fahrenheit).

Ororo Heated Fleece

Humankind cannot live on fleece alone. Amazon

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If you live, say, in San Diego, the concept of a heated fleece seems like overkill. If you live in Minnesota, however, you’re likely wondering where this has been all your life. Combining the soft, cozy embrace of fleece (35 percent cotton, 65 percent Polyester) with a thermal supercharge courtesy of three carbon-fiber heating areas, the Ororo is a stand alone heated jacket capable of handling the most extreme temperatures. And the best part? It’s machine-washable and actually looks great.

Dewbu Heated Outdoor Jacket

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When you need something a bit more heavy duty than a vest under layer or fleece, you need the Dewbu. First of all, it’s hooded and completely waterproof, which already makes it the kind of rugged all-terrain jacket you need when tackling unpredictable weather. It has three heating zones (two on the chest, one across the back), three adjustable heating levels, and can go up to 10 hours on a single charge. It’s also machine-washable, and comes in an array of styles for both men and women. Do not go sub-arctic without it.