Warm up with these heated glove and vest Black Friday deals

Save money while you keep your hands and torso warm. Sorry legs.
Black Friday deals on vests, jackets, and gloves
Keep your hands and torso toasty on brutally cold days (sorry legs). Amazon

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There’s a weird phenomenon only parents really know about in which school-aged kids refuse to wear jackets. They won’t admit they’re cold no matter how frigid it gets outside. Adults, however, don’t show such hubris. We know that a warm jacket is a truly wonderful thing. And jackets don’t get much warmer than these electrically heated garments from ORORO. The company dominates our list of best heated vests.

These heated jackets and gloves have filaments inside the layers of fabric. A battery pack provides the juice needed to power them up and keep you comfortably toasty in sub-zero weather. Leave the power turned off and they mostly feel like a typical winter jacket. The gloves sound particularly pleasant right now as I’m imagining the upcoming marathon snowblowing sessions that are surely just weeks away.

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