A smart safety device that goes where you need it to

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For many, there is no better feeling than being free and exploring a new city or enjoying the outdoors. After the confining year of 2020, summer activities are top of mind this year.

As the weather begins to turn and summer is at our fingertips, travel and outdoor hobbies are starting to pop up again. Summer fun is something that should not be taken for granted and enjoyed to the fullest. With longer days, we all have more time to relish in what truly makes us happy. Whether taking an evening stroll to the local dog park or heading out after work to meet friends at a local restaurant or bar, staying up to date with protective safety tools is nothing but beneficial. 

Created by SABRE, the leading brand in personal safety, SMART Pepper Spray is the latest and greatest in technology, designed to keep consumers safe and loved ones informed. 

SMART Pepper Spray & Safety App

Smart products have taken over and have basically become a necessity. When a product has the ability to do more than just the basics, life become slightly easier. With this in mind, SABRE, #1 pepper spray brand trusted by police & consumers worldwide, wanted to create a pepper spray personal safety tool that does more than build a barrier between you and danger. 

During a stressful situation that requires the use of pepper spray, an added level of security that shares the user’s location with their emergency contacts makes safety even easier. SABRE’s SMART Pepper Spray connects to the free SABRE Personal Safety App on your iOS or Android smartphone which can relay a text message containing the user’s location which is sent to a user’s selected contacts whenever the pepper spray is deployed. This feature is vital in helping users stay connected to their loved ones, and can ultimately help a user return to safety. 

Everyone should feel comfortable enough to participate in their favorite interests, even if it means going on a walk through the neighborhood at dusk. These are normal, everyday activities, but being caught unprepared can be a serious issue with unthinkable consequences. 

It gets smarter

While the pepper spray can be used independently, and can be paired with the Personal Safety App, the app also offers a premium option with an exclusive monitoring service in partnership with Noonlight. Noonlight is a 24/7 certified call center that contacts the police and provides real-time location data to help the authorities locate and assist users when the pepper spray is used, or the in-app button is pressed. This premium option is available for a $4.99 monthly fee.

The SMART pepper spray also features SABRE’s industry leading maximum-strength formula and 25 bursts to help protect against multiple threats. The 10-foot range helps protect users at a safer distance and its convenient key ring can attach to keys or tuck away to carry in pockets or bags.

Before you head out to enjoy your summer, don’t forget to grab your sunscreen, water bottle and your safety protection tool. With SABRE’s SMART Pepper Spray, you are never alone in an emergency.