‘Game Of Thrones’ VR 360-Degree Trailer Debuts At F8 2016

Watch a 360-view of the Ice And Fire trailer, courtesy of Facebook
Game Of Thrones VR Trailer

Game Of Thrones is coming back to a screen near you. Even a VR visor if you watch this trailer Dave Gershgorn

Game Of Thrones season six doesn’t make its way back to HBO until April 24, but you can still consume Westeros content if Facebook has anything to say about it. At the company’s F8 developer conference over in California, panel attendees got a glimpse of the beloved Game Of Thrones theme song and opening map in virtual reality. More accurately, how it looks as a 360-degree video.

During the company’s Technology Behind 360 Video panel at F8 2016, fans of the show were in for a treat. Following demos showcasing how the Oculus Rift could be utilized for social features, the company introduced the beloved Song Of Ice and Fire opening to the audience.

Depicting the map of the Game Of Thrones world that changes with each episode, viewers got a chance to see the theme song warped and twisted—when viewed on a 2D plane that is. With the proper equipment—a phone with a gyroscope, virtual reality headset, and more—the map depicts Winterfell, King’s Landing, Meereen and other popular (if not fictional) locations of George R.R. Martin’s universe in three dimensions.

It’s worth watching for yourself. Check it out above as seen at the show and on Facebook below. Or view it on Facebook.com:

Facebook’s developer’s conference isn’t just dragons and fallen heroes (that we hope will be revived).

The 360-video panel that recently concluded also showed how the Oculus Rift could be used for social media. Many VR headsets like the Oculus Rift, the HTC Vive and Playstation VR are often used for gaming and watching movies on the big (read: virtual) screen.

Sharing experiences with friends aligns more closely with Facebook’s brand over games and streaming video apps. Though with Facebook’s former emphasis on casual games and current focus on video, these too could arrive as a native experience on Oculus.