Google Has A Weird And Hilarious Voice-Synthesis Bug

"He now praises the iPad."
Dan Nosowitz

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We love Google Now, but we couldn’t help but get a laugh out of this glitch reported for Android: ask your phone, “What is a giraffe?” and it’ll inexplicably say “he now praises the iPad.”

But you don’t have to be using Google Now to see the problem. Head over to Google Translate and type in “end with,” and you’ll get the same “he now praises the iPad” when you click the audio button on the left. Apparently, putting a dee sound before the word “with” triggers it.

One Foot Tsunami explains how text from this random article was somehow used as the voice source text. Type “filled with” into Google Translate, and you’ll get the full snippet: “filled with ‘so much drama,’ he now praises the iPad.”

This will probably be fixed soon, so enjoy it while it lasts, everyone.

One Foot Tsunami