Bright Idea: USB Cartridge Could Let Any 35mm Film Camera Shoot Digital

If only

For photographers who are attached to their analog equipment but can no longer resist the pull of the digital age, RE35 proposes a solution: a digital cartridge that fits into any 35mm camera and connects to your computer via USB.

The RE-35 cartridge, in place of film, has a pull-out “sensor” that captures the images and saves them to flash memory within the cartridge. When plugged in to a computer, the cartridge charges and transfers images with built-in software.

There are doubts as to whether or not this is a belated April Fool joke. As Stan Horaczek from Pop Photo says, “It would be very interesting to see something like that. It would take some doing, though: Since it’s not hooked up to the shutter it would never know when to record an image.”