It’s only been a week since Tesla Motors pushed new software out to make its cars autonomous, but CEO Elon Musk is already planning for the future.

Last night, Musk took to his Twitter account to ask people what they’d like to see in the upcoming software update (7.1) to the Tesla Motors touchscreen dashboard user interface (UI).

Many asked for features that accounted for families that share a car or drive with multiple people in the car at once.

While others wanted additional features for the HomeLink screen:

Some specifically sought new navigation options:

Others wanted support for Apple’s CarPlay and Google’s Android Auto, the new systems that let your smartphone take over your car’s dashboard screen.

More driverless support and support for early models that don’t support autopilot

And some rather….unique…features:

After eight hours, Musk was happy with the feedback he’d gotten:

He also gave an update on pushing the 7.0 UI update to European Tesla owners:

This writer is personally hoping for just one feature:

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