10 too-cute bunny items because, well, ’tis the season

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Sorry, but this floof is not for sale. Victor Larracuente via Unsplash

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It’s a truth universally acknowledged that bunnies are cute. For this reason, and because springtime is a great time to show you’re a fan of cottontails, find below some cute-yet-practical bunny-themed gifts, from lights to desk organizers. Down the rabbit hole we go.

Cub Bunny Desk Organiser

With this, your scissors become rabbit ears and your paper clips sprout from a carrot. $32.

LED Easter Bunny Lights

Hang them up this Easter—or, really, any day. These warm, white LED rabbit lights are battery-operated and come with 10 bunnies. $20.

ZippyPaws Burrow Squeaky Hide and Seek Plush Dog Toy

While you are eating chocolate candies or painting eggs, give your dog something to play around with. This squeaky plush carrot comes with 3 bunnies that burrow inside. $9.

Fred & Friends DUST BUNNY Microfiber Dusting Mitt

We can all probably agree our least favorite type of bunny is the dust kind. This bunny-shaped super static microfiber dusting mitt will help tackle them. $13.

Hoppy Easter Bunny Rug

This Happy Easter rug is made of 100 percent nylon, with skid-resistant backing. It is 20 inches by 32 inches and totally machine washable. $13.

Simple Designs White Porcelain Bunny Shaped Table Lamp

Who doesn’t want to accent their home or office with a white porcelain bunny lamp? No one. This soft white lamp uses a 25W type B candelabra base bulb, which is not included. $21.

Bunny Rabbit Mini Ceramic Flower Pot

What this decorative planter lacks in size, it more than makes up for in cuteness. The white ceramic pot has a small hole on the bottom that allows water to drain out. $11.

William Mark Vicious Plush Stuffed Bunny

As you can see, rabbits aren’t always cute. They don’t like it when you squeeze them. In fact, this 8.5-inch plush toy can become quite ferocious. $20.

Wilton Bottoms Up Bunny Candy Mold

Pour hot sugar syrup or chocolate in the mold and let them harden. Place them on top of pastries to make it look like you have a bunny burrowing into it. $7.

Bunny Rabbit Gel Ink Pen by Kawaii

These Kawaii gel pens (all with black ink) come in a set of 12. Your coworkers will be jealous. $13.

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