Just because it’s hot out doesn’t mean you have to chug down lukewarm beer, soda, or water. Grab a cooler that’ll keep your ice frozen and drinks bone-chillingly cold until well after your “Billy Joel and other party jams” playlist has finished. But, coolers have their own specific strengths. Here are some ice chests to fit your particular temperature-dropping needs.

Lightweight option for short trips. Amazon

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Hydro Flask’s watertight, 15-liter soft cooler tote is perfect for a casual hike or picnic at the park. It’s super-lightweight—only 2.1-ounces—and can keep your drinks cold for two days. The AQUASEAL-zippered top makes it easy to access your drinks, while also making sure no water leaks out. The food-grade inside liner resists bacteria and mildew that can build up over time. The puncture- and water-resistant fabric lining protects your main stash, while a convenient side pocket easily conceals a water bottle or confetti cannon.

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This Titan backpack can hold 24 cans and features the company’s Deep Freeze high-performance insulation which blocks hot air from getting in. It helps keep your drinks cold for up to two days. There are three layers of extra insulation underneath to keep the bottom even cooler. The antimicrobial liner is leak-proof and water-resistant. The back is padded and comes with breathable panels made of mesh and adjustable arm straps.

Use the zippered pouch on the front to store smaller items. Amazon

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The tough, waterproof BUILT Welded Soft Cooler backpack contains 1-inch thick insulation on the sides and 1.5-inch-thick insulation on the bottom. It features a roll-top opening that makes it easy to get supplies from out of the bag and includes an attached bottle opener. The bag can hold 32 pounds of ice or 36 cans of beer. Use the backpack straps or heavy-duty, comfortable handles located on the top to transport it.

65 hours of cold with included bottle opener. Amazon

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The Pelican Elite 20 quart cooler is a sturdy, medium-sized option that can hold up to 15 cans, has four built-in cup holders, and has two-inch insulation to keep your drinks cold for up to 65 hours. The 12.5-pound cooler features a large handle on top and a stainless steel bottle opener. There are a number of colors to choose from and each comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Up to four days of ice. Amazon

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Arctic Zone’s 20-quart, 16.6-pound Titan Deep Freeze Roto Cooler is about the size of a large microwave and has an exterior that’s tough enough to survive outdoor adventures. It is heavy-duty and made of a stain- and odor-resistant polyurethane that boasts it can keep ice frozen for up to four days. The flexible rubber clasps keep the cooler tightly sealed. It comes with a stainless steel handle and features anti-skid feet and a large drain on to the bottom.

There are four cup holders on top. Amazon

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Coleman’s Xtreme Cooler has a 28-quart capacity and burly handles on the side to easily lug. Unlike others, the Xtreme Cooler has a smooth outer surface that makes it easier to clean than its textured competition. The lid can hold up to 250 pounds, so you’ll be able to use it as a seat while you take advantage of a pair of built-in cup holders.

It can hold up to 82 cans. Amazon

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For a mega-storage cooler, YETI’s Tundra 65 holds 52 quarts, which is enough beverage storage to make you the most popular person on the beach. Three inches of PermaFrost Insulation and their FatWall shell help keep the contents inside ice-cold. To keep the cooler securely closed, Yeti uses heavy-duty rubber latches. The 30.5 x 17.5 x 16-inch ice chest weighs 29 pounds when empty and comes with a dry goods basket for meats and vegetable. Rope handles that tuck in the side of the cooler makes the container easier to move around.