A Crazy Size Comparison Of Sci-Fi’s Greatest Ships [Infographic]

The _Star Wars _vessels are puny compared to the ship from _Independence Day. _

Being a small child, I often think to myself: What if the _Star Wars _spaceships got into a fight with the ships from _Star Troopers? _Thanks to this infographic from DeviantART user Dirk Loechel, I finally have an inkling of how they’d stack up in an intergalactic dogfight.

The infographic makes a size comparison of ships from a bunch of resources: we’ve got Star Wars, Trek, and Troopers represented, plus movies like Aliens, and_ games like _Halo and Eve.__ _Each pixel is equivalent to 10 meters, so, yeah, these things are big. But what’s the biggest, baddest of them all? The mothership from _Independence Day apparently, which measures 24,000 meters–way too huge to fully fit on the chart.

You can see the full version here. Maybe now someone would be kind enough to combine it with this chart of monster sizes.

[DeviantART via Kotaku]