Get Lost In These Extremely Detailed Maps Of A Fictional Continent

Welcome to the world of geofiction.

The R2 is the best way to travel from Banboil to Tarvail, but passengers who opt for the direct route never stumble upon what Berlou has to offer. These people don’t exist, and neither do their destinations, but that hasn’t stopped a dedicated group of geography nerds from painstakingly mapping their commutes. Banboil and Tarvail are both in Scansey, a fictional country on the fictional continent of Norscand. This civilization, complete with metro systems more comprehensive than any in the United States, is all part of the curious genre of geofiction, where people make mundane maps of imaginary places.

Norscand is the hobby of man named Andrew Potanin, who says he makes all his maps in his spare time. It takes him 5 hours to build a transit map and 10 hours for a city plan. Another fan of urban design created a waterfront for Gramen, a city in Scansey. There are four countries plotted out on Norscand, and the whole continent itself is just one small part of a much larger world.

You’re welcome to contribute to a fictional world like this one, even if you have no idea what you’re doing; the creators of the Opengeofiction project are happy to help you get started.

Here’s one more map, this time of roads between the cities in the souther reaches of Garand, on the southwestern peninsula of Norscand: