Scientists are constantly out proving how the world works, often answering questions most people wouldn’t think deserve probing, much less funding: how fast couples walk together, the fluid dynamics of elephant pee, what makes turkeys sexy and how lesbian couples hold hands. And what of the academy that publishes these works? These journals undoubtedly churn out important work cataloging the day-to-day grind of the scientific machine. But…some of them have ridiculous names. Some, like the Nordic Council for Reindeer Husbandry Research’s publication Rangifer, are so incredibly specific you’d think they’d run out of submissions after the first issue. Others, like the journal Small, seem so broad you wonder what they might even publish.

In our daily explorations of new studies and academic papers, we’ve come across a few scholarly publications, from the very scientific to the not-so, that crack us up. Here are some of our favorites.


International Journal Of Fuzzy Systems

The kind of journal you’d like to take home and cuddle.

IEEE Transactions On Advanced Packaging

Intermediate packaging, inquire elsewhere.


Don’t mess with these guys. They have a registered trademark on pain.

International Journal Of Control

Do you think these editors ever refer to themselves as “control freaks”?

Experiments In Fluids



Is it about contentment, or being really, really certain? Just kidding! It’s about math.

The International Journal Of Dairy Technology

Robot cows? Robot cows.


An entire journal devoted to Nordic reindeer husbandry.

Idealistic Studies

No room for practicality here.

The Journal Of Investigative Dermatology

Digging deeper than your average skin doctor.

The International Journal Of Tourism Sciences

The rigorous science of leisurely vacationing.

International Journal of Žižek Studies

A peer-reviewed, open-access journal focused on the study of the Slovenian “Elvis of cultural theory,” Slavoj Žižek. Check out this landing page.


Their tag line is “No small matter.” Come on, guys. Science is serious.