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Get a 75-inch 4K Fire TV for $470 right now at Amazon

Amazon’s Prime Day isn’t until next month, but you can score some pretty incredible deals if you beat the rush and shop in advance. If you’ve been planning on upgrading your home theater, don’t skip this deep discount on a 75-inch Toshiba Fire TV. The massive screen is currently available for $470—its lowest price ever […]

Digitize film at home with this TikTok-trending Kodak scanner

High-quality photos are out, and vintage-style shots are in. Who would’ve thought that we’d be aspiring to take pictures like our parents and grandparents when we have 4K cameras in our back pockets? Well, probably Kodak, as they’ve always been ahead of trends. A film camera is the best way to recapture that 1970s magic, […]

Get summer-storm-ready with this emergency power station

If summer is (arguably) the best season, why is it also the most dangerous? We aren’t talking about addicting fair foods, dangerous amusement park rides, or bull-escaping rodeos, but the hurricanes, tornadoes, and heat waves that often result in blackouts. While a candlelit evening can be fun, it’s good to have a power station as […]

Get Rosetta Stone and more for $670 off

Life is all about growth. Whether it’s learning new skills or investing in your professional development, finding ways to learn new things can pay dividends in your personal and professional lives. However, that’s not the easiest thing to do with the crunch and hustle of everyday life. The internet can help, of course, and when […]

Save 47% with this Jackery solar generator and solar panel deal at Amazon

I conveniently am in the heatwave path, and my electricity has flickered intermittently all week. Sure, other people would cheer if their electric went out during working hours, but I’m built different. If I can’t get something done—like send off our twice-per-week gear newsletter—I get really frustrated. There’s nothing I hate more than something that’s […]

Microsoft Office Professional is only $50 through June 26

Head directly to checkout and pick up this lifetime license to Microsoft Office Professional 2021 for Windows, on sale for only $49.97 (reg. $219) through 11:59 p.m. on June 26.  Microsoft Office has been the support system for countless students and professionals for decades. Office Professional 2021 is its most current version for Windows, and […]