Plants Are So Confused By This Month’s Warm Weather (Now With Even More Photos!)

Reader-submitted images of disoriented flora around the world

High-temperature records are breaking all around the globe, thanks to a super-warm December. We asked readers to send images of the warmth’s effects in their area. Here are the best—photographs of plants around the world, confused by the weather and blooming out of season.

Got addled vegetation near you? Send a photo to—or tag us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram—and we’ll add it to the gallery.

Tree Blooms In Mid-December On Yale Campus

I took this photo on December 16 on Grove Street, New Haven, Conn., on the Yale campus.

Confused Daffodils

While we were waiting for the bus, the kids asked what these “spikes” were and that they looked like the daffodils that pop up in the spring. That prompted a little discussion about weather and science. Alas, it’s snowing and cold now in Cleveland, Ohio so I’m just hoping these will survive the elements!

Confused Cherry Tree

I took this picture on December 10 in Meissen, Germany.

U.K. Nagas

My Naga chili plants are still producing fruit in the U.K. on December 18.

Madison, Wisconsin

Lenten roses blooming in Madison, Wisconsin
My Easter paperwhite daffodils are up and blooming and it’s only December 22! Susanne Spindler
Roses blooming on December 22 in Houston, Texas Andreana Reeves
Rose blooming in Kansas on December 15 Ronda
Pansies in Kokomo, Indiana on December 9 Jack Brady
Taken December 12 in Central Park, New York City Ursula Milan
Flowering plants on December 19 in Vienna, Austria Nicole Brosch
Daffodils on December 23 in Vlijmen, The Netherlands Els Kooijmans
A flowering Brooklyn tree on December 24 Mara Grunbaum
A rhododendron blooms in Narragansett, Rhode Island, on December 23 Lori Sweet
Cherry blossoms in Narragansett, Rhode Island, on December 23 Lori Sweet
December raspberries in Paris Olivier Faye
Azaleas in bloom in Memphis, Tennessee on December 24 Kelly Dahlberg
Snowdrops blooming—instead of the usual snow—in Moscow on December 24 Lucy Kiseleva
Dandelions bloom in Houston Heather Norris
A forsythia bush in Groton, Connecticut on December 23 Larry Gatlin
A fuchsia blooms in Lakewood, Washington on December 24 Nancy White
Honeysuckle vine blooming in Moulton, Alabama on December 27 Linda Harbin
Yellow flowers bloom on Long Island in New York State on December 25 Donald Salch
December flowers on a tomato plant in Napa County, California Sita Ananth
Reader Sita Ananth says this plant—in a Napa County, California backyard—usually blooms in April Sita Ananth
Daffodils bloom in Laughborough, England on December 30 Lucy Kiseleva
An apple tree in San Francisco, California on December 30 Katie Peek / Popular Science