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It sure was easy to get distracted last week. First, March Madness was in full effect, which means employees of all types spent lots of time trying to keep up with the games without getting busted at work. In fact, some analysts say the annual NCAA tournament lose the average employee roughly six hours of productivity and costs employers about $13.3 billion.

Beyond basketball, everyone had to get ready for April Fool’s Day. After all, the internet isn’t going to make itself unbearable terrible and unfunny by itself. Luckily, there’s an easy way to catch up on the tech news you may have missed and have some fun—by playing along with Techathlon.

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Techathlon Decathlon

We break down the biggest and most interesting technology stories of the week into 10 questions, and our contestants buzz in to answer them. If you like tech news mixed with trash talk, then this is the game for you.

Your Password Sucks

Hardly a week goes by where we don’t find out about a massive new security bug. Recently, Facebook exposed hundreds of millions of passwords in plain text format to its internal employees. This keeps happening, but many folks still refuse to use good passwords or upgrade to a password manager. This game takes a look at some of the worst phases people still use to try to keep their accounts safe.

Who is your parent company, and what does it do?

Many of your favorite digital products and features started out as their own independent tech companies before big companies swooped in and swallowed them up. We test the panel’s knowledge of tech takeovers. It’s a fun little reminder that roughly four huge companies pretty much own your online life.

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