The Techathlon podcast: New emojis, summer hot takes, and tech news trivia

Play along during this surprise episode of our technology podcast!

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The Techathlon podcast is technically still on summer break until August 12, but there has been so much going on in the tech world lately that we couldn’t resist the draw of the studio. So, we fired up the microphones and recorded a special episode of the show to help entertain you as you lounge on the beach, drive to the beach, or sit at your desk under fluorescent lights daydreaming about the beach.

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This week’s episode is a short one. There’s only one game and it’s the Techathlon Decathlon, in which our host and producer, Jason Lederman, breaks down some of the biggest stories in the technology world into a battery of 10 tough trivia questions.

The game is a great way to get caught up on big stories from the tech world like the rise of FaceApp, which everyone seems to have forgotten about since we all went crazy about it. We also dive into the recent shakeups at Apple and even the new emojis that are hitting your phone. Did you know that there’s a sloth emoji? You do now.

We’ll be back to our full episodes on August 12, but next week, we’ll have a special episode recorded during the live show that our pals at The Weirdest Thing I Learned This Week threw last month. It’s a particularly raucous game, so be sure to give a listen when it’s live.

Until then, if all of you could agree to stop all tech news from happening between now and our return, we’d greatly appreciate it.