This four-wheel vehicle can seamlessly rip across the desert. Here’s how.

Can-Am Maverick X3

tk Courtesy Can-Am Off-Road

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Odds are, you don’t need a vehicle like the Can-Am Maverick X3 X RS Turbo RR. But if you want oodles of horsepower and a mammoth suspension, this side-by-side has you covered for every adventure.

6 Sensors

Electronic monitors in places like the front wheels and gearbox keep tabs on traction in real time. The driver selects one of four terrain modes—such as mud, rock, or trail—and the computer doles out just the right amount of power to each 30-inch tire to maximize its grip.

24 Inches

Hydraulic shock absorbers provide up to two feet of travel, letting this beast absorb the impact of everything from small ruts to basketball-size rocks. Tune how quickly and aggressively the suspension compresses and rebounds to maintain just the right amount of squish and bounce.

195 Horsepower

A turbocharged, 900-cubic-centimeter, three-cylinder engine generates more than enough torque to tackle steep ascents or leave rooster tails of dirt flying in your wake. A robust liquid-cooling system and an easily cleaned air filter keep the power plant running smoothly.