If you’re in the market for cinematic, aerial footage that will capture your activities – whether it’s a casual day at the beach or an adventurous hike in the mountains – pro drones have you covered. These high-quality cameras fly overhead, taking sweeping pictures and video as they go. Get ready to snag some enviable shots that’ll have people saying, “How did you do that?!”

Capture crisp shots in low-light settings. Amazon

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Shoot vivid aerial footage with the DJI Mavic 2 Pro, which remains In flight for up to 31 minutes, at a maximum speed of 44 miles per hour. Its low-noise design means you won’t have to deal with annoying whirring sounds and the obstacle sensor helps avoid any nasty collisions. Don’t worry about lighting with this one – its 1-inch sensor will capture high-quality shots in low-light situations. You can also get creative with the drone’s hyper-lapse feature, speeding up footage for a cool effect.

Automatically flies back to you. Amazon

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Enjoy stunning 4K shooting with this drone, which offers a 90-degree adjustable lens and an image stabilization feature for clean footage. You’ll get 26 minutes worth of flying time and, once the battery starts to get low, the camera automatically returns back to you. The foldable design and convenient carry bag makes it a super portable travel companion.

Use gesture mode to automatically snap a selfie. Amazon

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DJI Phantom’s intuitive design makes it easy to interact with your drone. Use draw mode to map out a course for the camera on your remote control’s screen, gesture mode to take an automatic selfie, and active track to recognize and follow people/objects. The drone flies at a maximum speed of 42 mph and comes with a nearly five mile transmission range.

Flies for 60 minutes without charge. Amazon

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You won’t waste any time when you fly the Ruko F11 Pro Drone. Thanks to an extra battery—which offers an additional 30 minutes of shooting time—you can have a full hour of flight. Create an intricate flight plan with the Tapfly feature, which allows you to set 16 points on the map for the camera to hit. You can adjust the speed to low, medium, or high and then go about your day as the drone automatically follows along with you.