You don’t have to be a chef to make pizza at home. Since home-cooking is growing ever more popular, picking up the proper equipment can transform the quality of your pies. While supporting your local pizza joint is important, some of us also want to try our hands at making pizza at home, and we can do it on a budget or at a slightly higher price point. For aspiring pizza-making aficionados, there are indoor appliance options to turn your dough, sauce, cheese, and other toppings into a delicious pie. Here are some of the most efficient, multifunctional ovens on the market.

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While some pizza ovens can put you out thousands of dollars, others are cheaper than your average microwave. This rotating pizza oven gets the job done while only taking up a fraction of your counter space compared to the more ambitious alternatives. The device rotates to ensure a consistent crispness, and you can control the top and bottom heat to give you more choice in baking level. This oven is also more efficient for your energy use than firing up your conventional oven. Plus, it automatically shuts off when your pie is ready to be served.

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Skip the preheating by popping an up-to-12-inch pie in this oven. The 1450-watt oven can take less than 15 minutes to toast your pizza to your desired crispness. The stainless steel exterior is sleek and could match your other appliances, and it’s a simple cleanup. Some reviewers have even used it for other types of food, including frozen french fries. This oven also comes with a removable crumb tray.

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This 1800-watt oven can accommodate an even bigger pie at up to 18 inches. With French doors and four rack positions, you may never use your microwave or conventional oven again. Another great feature is separate temperature control, allowing you to toggle the heat of each rack to efficiently cook two items at once. So next time you’re baking a pizza for friends and family, you can also complete the meal with a freshly baked cake for dessert. This oven also comes with a baking tray, two wire racks, and a crumb tray.

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Nostalgia always seems to be having a moment; it has now led to the design of a pizza oven that can fit not one, but two, 12-inch pies. Pretend you’re in an ’80s sitcom while firing up this two-rack, 1500-watt oven to up to 450 degrees °F. Whether you choose red or aqua, this device isn’t only about aesthetics: you can broil, bake, toast, or convection bake. This oven also comes with two nickel-plated racks, a baking pan, and a wire rack that are removable for easy cleaning.