If you’re looking to go for multiple rounds during a boxing match, gloves can make or break your experience. The weight, material, and structure of these products can influence how well you throw a punch — or defend yourself from a hook, jab or undercut. Whether you’re boxing alone or with others, the number one goal is always personal safety and protection; getting fancy with your form and performance come next. Here are some of the top contenders among the boxing glove market.

Best Value

These mitts will hold up after months of wear. They’re made of polyurethane and polyester, and have velcro straps to ensure a safe and secure fit. Everlast

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Having a rough estimate about what size your hands are is important to picking out the best fit for boxing gloves. While many brands have size charts available, not all of them do. If you’re unsure, you might ask a trainer at a boxing gym or do a quick search for how to measure your hands to square up to the size available, which are frequently in ounces.

Vivid Colors

These are made of special foam that reduces impact to keep your hands protected during training. The leather external material is attractive and molds perfectly to your hands. Sanabul

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Buying gloves with mesh elements can help reduce sweat and therefore extend your workout or training session, plus the life of your gloves. Remember to properly dry your gloves after using, no matter what, to guarantee longevity. Warm, wet areas can encourage bacterial growth, which leads to foul odors.

Best design

With more than a dozen color combinations, including metallics, these hand-stitched pairs are stylish and functional. The wired structure and anatomical shape are supportive and make gripping easy. Venum

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Since you’re looking for a product to use during an activity that you can’t fully practice online, seek out more information to get a fuller picture of the gloves. Watching someone in action can give you a clearer sense of the gloves’ shape, coverage and compatibility with different techniques. If you know someone who uses boxing gloves, seek out their opinion on a particular pair.