Cook with speed and precision with these induction cooktops

The specificity of a gas range without the heat or expense—and, in some cases, the added bonus of portability.

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There’s a magic to cooking with gas—the ability to adjust the flame just right to control the heat, the click of starting the burner. But not every home can accommodate a gas stove and, despite that magic, it takes a lot of time to bring water to a boil, or do any other necessary task. Enter the induction cooktop. Popular with chefs, these magnet-powered burners both heat and cool quickly, and give you the precision of a perfectly sized flame. With these induction cooktops, you can and will get stuck on induction cooking.

Space-saver: Duxtop 1800W Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner


Small Enough For Easy Storage

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Maybe you live in a tiny studio and don’t have a large enough range for a huge feast, or maybe you just want a little extra oomph and speed when cooking dinner for the family. In any circumstance, this easy and portable induction burner is perfect for quick use, easy cleanup, and small storage. For precision and speed, this cooktop has 20 temperature settings to range from 100℉ to 460℉, along with a fast boil button to bring your water to a roll in 10 minutes. Safety is important, and the auto-pan and overheat detection features keep that in mind, along with child lock and automatic shut off.

Millennial-chic: Tasty by Cuisinart Tasty One Top Smart Induction Cooktop


Real Eye-Candy

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Everyone says you eat with your eyes first, and in the era of social media food stardom, there are a lot of eyes getting a taste. This cooktop is not only the most aesthetically counter friendly of the bunch, perfect for your DIY Instagram cooking show, but can teach you how to cook along the way. Pairing with the One Top app gives you access to Tasty recipes, which specifically keep the cooktop in mind guide you both on the steps for the meal and the settings for the induction cooker. Beyond the app, the cooktop has a surface sensor for control, and a built-in thermometer probe so you can stir fry, slow cook, sous vide, and more.

Pro-powered: Breville Polyscience Control Freak Temperature Controlled Induction Cooking System


True Precision

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Built for an industrial kitchen, this cooktop has the tools to ensure precision for everything you make in even the hottest of kitchens. Heat sensors and a liquid cooking probe make up this device’s Control Freak technology, which checks the temperature 20 times per second to make sure your desired temperature is not just achieved but maintained. Given the use in industrial kitchens, this cooktop will cool itself as needed, and can also carry the weight of cooking large quantities without breaking down.

Two-top: Duxtop LCD Portable Double Induction Cooktop


Don't Limit Your Options

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We’ve talked about a Duxtop model a bit at the top, emphasizing its ease of use for small spaces, and all of that is true. But what about a situation in which you’re creating a feast, and want to power it all with induction? The Duxtop double induction cooktop has two distinct cooking zones, allowing you the opportunity to use power mode and temperature mode simultaneously to boil, fry, saute, and simmer with ease. Track your mode on the LCD screen, and wipe down the glass cooktop for an easy clean after use.